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Psychosocial Support and Education in Emergencies Program

Gaza’s children have increased access to a structured development-appropriate learning/PSS program and improved psychosocial wellbeing and resilience, with reduced levels of fear and aggression, which enables them to fully benefit from the

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Public Health Program

The humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip is becoming increasingly fragile and all sectors, including WASH, have significantly worsened poses extremely unique challenges to humanitarians attempting to render assistance. The

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About Us

YEC is the youth society, Non-governmental, Non-profit, and Independent works in the Gaza Strip under the law of the Palestinian National Authority licensed by the Ministry of Interior (GA-1240-S) and the Higher Council for Youth and Sports –Palestine. YEC is a member of the many clusters and working group national and international societies and a partnership with many Inter/National organizations. In the year of 2005 YEC was established as a youth initiative to respond to the needs of Palestinian society, the main idea came as a result of the difficult circumstances experienced by the Palestinian people, especially youth and children since they suffer from the effects and bad situation conditions in the Gaza Strip, so the YEC was established by investing time, intensifying the effort, devoting the spirit of volunteerism and mobilizing the energies and capabilities to serve the community. This was through the development of target group participation in the training programs and implementation projects, YEC strives to utilize its maximum capacity to offer high-quality services and facilities for youth and community members which towards achieving its mission.

Organization's Goals

Empower youth and young people to build a community of healthy physical, social and psychological environment through ensuring concepts of justice, equality and human values Contribute to

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Organization's Mission

Youth Empowerment Center was established to lead the civil society work in Palestine, as independent, social oriented and humanitarian organization, seeking to empower the community economically, socially, educationally and healthily

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Organization's Vision

To empower Palestinian society to build promising youth future

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قطاع غزة بالأرقام


شخص بحاجة للتدخل في جزء التعليم


يحصل سكان قطاع غزة 4-5 ساعات كهرباء يوميا


شخص بحاجة ماسة للتدخل في الحماية


A group of the most important activiteis for YEC

09 Nov 2021

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الهيئة الفلسطينية لتمكين الشباب هي مؤسسة أهلية غير ربحية تأسست عام 2005 بمبادرة شبابية استجابةً لحاجات المجتمع الفلسطيني. تعلن الهيئة الفلسطينية لتمكين الشباب

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25 Jul 2021

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Project Engineer Introduction   Youth Empowerment Center YEC was established to lead the civil society work in Palestine, as independent, social oriented and humanitarian organization,

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17 Jan 2021

اجتماع الجمعية العمومية للهيئة لانتخاب مجلس إدارة الهيئة لدورة 2021-2023

انتخبت الجمعية العمومية للهيئة الفلسطينية لتمكين الشباب مجلس إدارة جديد لها خلال اجتماع الجمعية العمومية لانتخاب مجلس إدارة الهيئة لدورة 2021-2023 الذي عقد صباح

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collection of images of children at the children center in addition to the miscellaneous images

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